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Email Encryption & Signature, Instant Large File Transfer and
Certificate Management Solutions for Enterprises

Our globally trusted and renowned Z1 SecureMail Gateway empowers enterprises large and small to protect email communication and to meet compliance demands with little effort and high economic efficiency. Z1 products enable confidential email exchange with virtually everyone that owns an email address, be it Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer communication. 

Secure File Transfer Solution


 Email Security Gateway Solutions

  • PKI based Email Encryption - S/MIME and PGP

    PKI based email encryption and signature are supported out-of-the-box and can be integrated with your own PKI. The PKI email encryption and signature solution can be easily connected to your in-house CA or any Trust Center CAs. An on-board CA can be used for testing purposes.

  • Password based Mail Encryption

    This solution enables email encryption with virtually anyone while meeting all requirements for confidential and compliant B-to-C communication. The encrypted Z1 KickMail PDF and the Z1 WebSafe Solution work with passwords.

  • Email Encryption Gateway

    The central appliance or virtual machine based server solution meets all requirements posed by IT environments, business demands or compliance regulations. Fine grained configurations as well as the integration via standard interfaces enable you to cope with all challenges. Policy enforcement can be configured globally or for specific users, groups or domains. TLS and VPN Secure channels can also be configured.

  • Internal Email Encryption (incl. BlackBerry ®)  

    The Z1 SecureMail End2End extension enables the use of email encryption and digital signature within internal email systems - including BlackBerry® and other mobile devices. It is an effective means for end-to-end email encryption.

  • Automatic Attachment Processing

    The attachment processing feature including digital signatures can be configured for any specific data format. Automatic Attachment Processing can be activated not only for single use but also for mass communication like newsletters, reports and invoices. Verification of signatures is also flexibly configurable to include special data formats like signed PDFs, industry specific or packed files.  

 ... and many more individual extensions to our email security solutions. High scalability and flexible licensing guarantee satisfaction and efficiency for large and small enterprises.      


Certificate Management Solution

  • Public Certificate / Key Server

    The central certificate and public key management portal, Z1 CertServer, is available as integrated or stand-alone solution. All certificate requests for S/MIME certificates and public PGP key are accessible for applications and users over standard interfaces and also via webbased services that support mobile devices. Z1 CertServer integrates with numerous PKI applications. 

Z1 SecureMail turns email into a secure and compliant means of communication.

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Zertificon Solutions 

All Zertificon's Z1 SecureMail products are developed in Berlin, Germany, with best of breed technical expertise and sophistication. The maturity of the Z1 SecureMail products in combination with our developer's experience vouch for utmost reliability and outstanding flexibility - satisfying administrators and users!


Zertificon UK - New Office in London

The opening of a Zertificon office in London marks a significant milestone in our business strategy and demonstrates our commitment to the UK market.